Girl Scouts GCNWI Career Day Recap: STEM Takes the Lead!

On President’s Day 2019, Girl Scouts from Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana explored careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) with presenting sponsors DeloitteMolex, and Intren, and at other programs hosted by Groupon and NiSource.

Read on for highlights from each Career Day event which helped inspire and lead girls on greater paths within STEAM.

Girl Scouts Learn Business Chemistry at Deloitte

Deloitte hosted Girl Scouts for an Introduction to Business Chemistry and Women in the Workplace! Girls that participated in the day discussed resiliency, networking and self-promotion and learned about how their own personality types interact best with others through Deloitte’s Business Chemistry program.

Girl Scouts Networked with Women in Electronics STEM Fields

The Connect with STEAM was a Career Day style event coordinated by both our local Girl Scouts organization and the Molex WBC.  Molex welcomed a record 40+ girls, 10 parents/troop leaders, and 20 Molex volunteers! The Girl Scouts were split into three groups and rotated through three activities:

  1. An engineering focused build a circuit activity;
  2. A team building/manufacturing focused activity where the girls built and tested paper airplanes;
  3. A coding focused activity where the girls learned the basic concepts of writing and reading code.

They finished the day with a question and answer panel featuring five ladies from Molex with STEM related careers in Accounting, Engineering, IT, Pricing, etc.

One Girl Scout facilitator noted, “The girls were fired up by the keynote speaker, and enjoyed the squishy circuits, the airplane assembly lines, the robot activity, and the inspiring career panel at the end. It was a great opportunity for girls to engage with hands-on activities and many inspiring women.”

Girl Scouts Explore Energy at Intren

Intren’s Girl Scouts Career Day, “Explore Energy with Intren,” inspired Girl Scouts interested in joining the fast-growing energy industry which is currently male-dominated.

Girls built an electrical circuit, got up close and personal with the hefty machinery used to build utilities groundwork, and met and networked with women in the STEM field. The girls had a great time engaging with women in the industry and loved having their eyes open to new possibilities!

Girl Scouts Explore Engineering at Groupon

Groupon hosted “Scout Out Engineering at Groupon.” The girls worked with circuit boards and participated in coding activities, as well as exploring the offices with a scavenger hunt.   

One Girl Scout parent told us, “The girls loved the program and loved meeting so many volunteers and [Girl] Scouts from other troops! It was a really special program and we hope that such a program continues to flourish.

“In speaking with the girls on the way home after the event, the girls talked endlessly about being at Groupon, and building circuits (both the frustration of building, the thrill of perseverance and in successfully seeing the light illuminate).  They also commented on how great it was the circuit boards like that don’t need to be built anymore and how great new technology is (and clearly why circuit boards like the one they were building aren’t used anymore because of the fickle nature of the connections and board).”

Girl Scouts Introduced to Engineering at NiSource

NiSource hosted another one of their recurring and successful “NIPSCO Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day!” Girl Scouts has an insightful safety demonstration, participated in a Q&A panel with women, and competed in an engineering challenge! 

The Girl Scouts were able to learn about the potential for careers in engineering while having fun experiencing new and exciting things about STEM!

Learn more about STEM

Girl Scouts GCNWI hosts a multitude of STEM Career Day Exploration programs on school “off” days (such as President’s Day, Columbus Day, and MLK Day). Keep your eyes peeled for our 2019-2020 programs which will be announced this fall!

STEMapalooza Registration Open Now!

Learn more about STEM in a hands-on way, and meet women in the field at STEMapalooza, the only Science expo made just for girls! Get tickets before they’re gone!

Fund Your Travels: Financial Assistance and Scholarships for Girl Scouts to Travel

A blog series to help girls, parents, and leaders learn ways to fund your Girl Scout travels!

Girl Scouts exploring the beautiful Door Co.

Are you ready to travel the globe and see what the world has to offer? Maybe you’re interested in joining a Girl Scouts Destinations trip or a Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) council-sponsored trip such as our upcoming You-and-Me Trips to urban/hip St. Louis, MO, or Door County, WI for the outdoor adventurer!

Whatever your future Girl Scout travels may be, you’re going to need some money, and now is the perfect time to start planning and earning!

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for travel is available through our council and GSUSA.

  • Juliette Low World Friendship Fund: If you apply for a Girl Scouts Destination to one of the WAGGGS World Centres, you will automatically receive $500 toward the cost of your trip;

Use these money saving tips towards upcoming You & Me trips! There is still availability on the beautiful Door County, WI trip!

Door County Trip Includes:

  1. A boat tour on Ride the Fireboat: Originally designed as a City of Chicago Fireboat, the “Fred A. Busse” was built in Bay City, Michigan in 1937 as a way to combat city fires from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan! Girls on last summer’s trip even got to try using the water hose! 
  2. Next up was a stop at The Farm where Girl Scouts can feed baby goats, cuddle with kittens, milk cows and see what life would be like working on a real farm.  
  3. A guided tour of The Ridges Sanctuary – state park that preserves the natural area with ridges and swells along the coastline.  
  4. A meal at Al Johnson’s where you can pet goats that live on the roof!
  5. Spending time with family members exploring Sister Bay and Egg Harbor
  6. A swim party! This was a favorite of many of the girls.

Explore the outdoors with your fellow Girl Scouts on You & Me Door County.

Celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Some Tips for YOU…

Now is the perfect time to join the Girl Scout Cookie fun! This time of year, there are more ways than ever to participate and reach your goals! Plus, don’t forget that rewards are cumulative, so keep your eye on the prize!

Is your troop hosting cookie booths? Are you selling online with Digital Cookie? Did you know you can still take orders through the Goal Getter Program?

Girl Scout Cookies are in demand! Hosting a cookie booth is an excellent way for girls to achieve their goals, while bonding with sister Girl Scouts!

Troop leaders sign up for booth sites and can order cases of cookies to stock booths through eBudde. Sign up now!

Check out the 2019 Cookie Cupboard Schedule »

Use these 5 tips to make sure customers can easily find and buy cookies from you!

1. Be Visible! Share the online Cookie Finder, so customers can see where booths are happening. Bling your booth to stand out even more! Create a theme and special signs or get a Booth in a Bag Kit. You can even dress up in a cookie costume; check with a Gathering Place location for availability!

2. Go Digital! Accept credit card payments using the Digital Cookie Order Card app! Download the app today: App Store | Google Play

Note: Friends and family who want cookies shipped directly to them can order from your Digital Cookie site!

Reference the Troop Cookie Managers Cookie Season Guide for more digital sales tips!

3. Time It Right! Host a booth on National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Feb. 22-24.

4. Show Off Cookie Varieties! An attractive display will attract customers. Offer free, bite-sized samples and consider themed bundles, grouping a few boxes together with ribbon and a bow. 

5. Don’t Give Up! For customers not interested in buying cookies for themselves, you can always ask if they would be willing to donate cookies through the Gift of Caring program.

6. Look to Your Fellow Girl Scouts for Inspiration! Step out of your comfort zone and find innovative ways to share the Cookie Program with new customers. Check out Maddie’s cookie presentation to her dad’s coworkers at iHeartMedia!

Ask your parents/guardians, family, and friends if you can make a sales presentation of your own at their place of work. 

Or make a “pitch” video of your own and be creative! Take an example from viral sensation and Greater Los Angeles Girl Scout Kayla:

Save the Date: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Only Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout Cookies, and customers are eagerly awaiting! While friends and family are a great place to start, get creative with selling techniques. You’ll exceed your goals and power even more awesome Girl Scout activities.

How to Celebrate Girl Scout Week Like a G.I.R.L.

Girl Scout Week is a time to celebrate Girl Scouts as ground-breakers, big thinkers, and role models.

This guide offers many ideas for girls to choose their own way to be a G.I.R.L. (Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™.

Saturday, March 9: Celebrate Girl Scout Week Early!

Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies, you are cordially invited to a Victorian style high tea, just like Juliette Gordon Low held for her friends that very first Girl Scout meeting. Join us at the Vernon Hills Gathering Place, 650 N. Lakeview Parkway, from 12:45-3 p.m.

Wear your party clothes and learn about the manners of the Victorian era while enjoying some delicious afternoon treats. You will take home souvenirs and a patch. This is a girl-only event for Daisies and Brownies.

Join us at the Girl Scout Birthday Tea Party!

Sunday, March 10: Girl Scout Sunday

Wear your Girl Scout uniform to worship. Talk with your Girl Scout sisters and family to connect with a local place of worship and learn about how Girl Scouts can be represented on Girl Scout Sunday.

Host a Girl Scout Cookies and milk party after worship. Bring Girl Scout Cookies (and possibly sell some, too), share what your cookie sale goals are, and talk about the skills you have learned from the Girl Scout Cookie program.

Earn your ‘My Promise, My Faith’ Award. Work with your family and faith leaders to earn the pin to celebrate the connection between the Girl Scout Promise and Law and your faith.

Make new friends. Talk to someone from a different culture, religion, town, school, or neighborhood.

Monday, Mar. 11: Unleash Your Inner Go-Getter

A Go-Getter is bold, honest, and determined to succeed. Goal-oriented and ambitious, she’s also a life-long learner who believes no challenge is too difficult.

Set a goal to achieve a big objective. Is it a Journey Summit Award, straight As, mastering a new routine, or scoring a goal? Create a plan to work hard to make it happen.

Learn a new skill. Celebrate your love of learning. Practice a skill that will help you explore something you’ve always wanted to try.

Create a motivational mantra. Go-Getters get back up and try again when they fall down. Create a mantra or saying to encourage yourself and others to be determined to succeed.

Fill a box to donate. Collect items that you, your family, or your friends no longer need and donate to a local charity.

Tuesday, Mar. 12: Celebrate the Girl Scout Birthday

March 12 is the Girl Scout Birthday! On this day in 1912, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low assembled a group of eighteen girls from Savannah, Georgia, for the first-ever Girl Scout meeting.

Help more girls get access to the Girl Scout experience! Make a gift of $10 in honor of our founding year, and receive the Family Partnership fun patch (pictured above)! Family Partnership donations go toward helping girls who are facing hardships become Girl Scouts; supporting our awesome volunteers; and keeping our camps fun and pristine.

Donate to Family Partnership »

Wear your Girl Scout uniform to school to celebrate your Girl Scout sisterhood. Today, over 3.2 million girls and adults are active Girl Scout members, and over 50 million women are Girl Scout alumnae. In honor of the Girl Scout Birthday, take a moment to recognize and celebrate all that Girl Scouts of the USA has done for local communities across the country!

Learn more about Juliette Gordon Low. Visit the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace website. Every year many troops visit the birthplace as an extended trip. Interested in learning more? Check out our Traveling with Girl Scouts packet.

Throw a birthday party for Girl Scouts! Celebrate with birthday cake, party games, and more. Invite your sister Girl Scouts and friends who are not yet Girl Scouts. Ask all of your guests to bring a birthday gift to donate to a local charity.

Write a Girl Scout letter of thanks. Thank someone who has supported you or your troop. Use our Thank You template.

Tuesday’s Deal: In celebration of the Girl Scout Birthday, everything is 12% off  March 12 and 13 at all Gathering Place Shops (in store only)!

Wednesday, March 13: Innovate!

Thinking outside the box is an Innovator’s specialty, so she’s always looking for a creative way to take action. She definitely knows how to get things done.

Solve a problem in a creative way. Whether it is a broken shoelace or a polluted beach, Girl Scouts innovate to find unique solutions. Find an imaginative solution to an everyday or community problem.

Invent something new. Think outside the box and find a new way to do something. Share your idea with other Girl Scout sisters or your family.

Create a work of art. Choose your favorite type of art and make a masterpiece that looks like something that no one has ever seen before.

Thinking of you. Make and deliver cards to a senior center or hospital.

Wednesday’s Deal: In celebration of Girl Scout Birthday, everything is 12% off  March 12 and 13 at all Gathering Place Shops (in store only)!

Thursday, March 14: Be a Brave and Bold Risk-Taker!

Courageous and strong, a Risk-Taker is keen to try new things and to embrace the unfamiliar. She’s ready to step up and break the mold if that’s what it takes.

Do something new. Girl Scouts explore the world around them. Do something that you’ve never done before.

Eliminate “can’t” from your vocabulary. Think about the times you’ve said “I can’t (do something).” Try something that you thought you couldn’t do.

Break the mold. Be the first person you know to try something. Share with your friends and family about your experience.

Be brave. Commit to raising your hand in class when you know the answer, have something to share, or have a question.

Friday, March 15: Show the World You Are a Leader!

A Leader is confident, responsible, and committed to changing the world for the better—and she’s happiest when others join her in taking the lead!

Be a role model. Lead younger girls in celebrating Girl Scout Week activities and being G.I.R.L.s!

Lead a Take Action project. Make the world a better place when you Take Action to solve issues in your community in a sustainable way.

Invite the community. Welcome your community to your Girl Scout Week celebrations or Take Action projects.

Selfie moment. Post a Girl Scout memory, photo, or experience on social media. Be sure to tag us at @girlscoutsgcnwi and use the hashtag #girlscoutweek

Saturday, March 16: G.I.R.L. Agenda and Girl Scout Sabbath Day

Be a catalyst for change in your community—and the world. Champion your views, influence leadership, and advance the G.I.R.L. Agenda to make the world a better place. Every girl has a voice. Every girl’s voice is important.

Get inspired. Find a problem big or small in your community. Think of a way you and others can solve it and let your voice be heard.

Get prepared. Take a stand and be an advocate for an issue that is important to you. Share with others why you are so passionate about this cause.

Get mobilized. Unleash your inner leader and make the world a better place.

Rest and Reflect. Take this Sabbath Day to reflect on all your work with Girl Scouts. Let those moments inspire you to create new and innovative ways to share with the world what it means to be a G.I.R.L.

Saturday’s Deal: Visit our Gathering Place Shops 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for surprise deals and treats.

Visit our online shop all of Girl Scout week (March 10-16) for awesome deals!

Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75 or more!

Share Your Girl Scout Week Celebrations!

Share your pictures, videos, and stories for a chance to
be featured on our social media or in a Girl Scouts GCNWI publication!

Share your story through our form, post on our Facebook Page, tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @girlscoutsgcnwi.

Fund Your Travels: Have Questions? We Got Answers!

A blog series to help girls, parents, and leaders learn ways to fund your Girl Scout travels!

Are you ready to travel the globe and see what the world has to offer? Maybe you’re interested in joining a Girl Scouts Destinations trip or a Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) council-sponsored trip such as our upcoming You-and-Me Trips to St. Louis, MO, or Door County, WI! 

Whatever your future Girl Scout travels may be, we have the answers to some of the questions you may have when it comes to planning your trip!


Here is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions our Service Unit Support Manages receive!

  1. Can we do a GoFund me page? When it comes to earning money for travel, we want our Girl Scouts to exercise their skills and knowledge of fundraising that is why crowd sourced fundraising is NOT permitted.
  2. Wait, but can we ask people to donate to us for our trip?  Yes you can through fundraising and donation events set up by your Girl Scouts. For more info see guidelines in Volunteer Essentials, page 78
  3. Can we accept cash donations?  Yes.
  4. What do we do for the girls that aren’t going on the trip?  Be transparent throughout the process, carefully documenting all troop accounts and sharing with girls and parents so everyone is clear what money is for trip and what money is for “general stuff”.  
  5. Can our troop have separate accounts for girls with money earning for trips? They often have some girls who want to travel and some that do not so it is tough to decide what money goes where.   Any money raised/earned is the property of the entire troop, no individual girl or adult.  Again, be transparent and open and encourage the girls to develop guidelines as to how to allocate money based on fund-raising participation, the girls usually have great ideas and are very fair! 
  6. How do we go about getting a receipt for donor or an in-kind donation letter?  See Volunteer Essentials, page 80 
  7. Can troop leaders earn money for being on the trip as well? It is up to each troop to decide! Some have the leader pay their own way, while others support the leader to attend. Again, be clear upfront how many adult chaperones are needed, whether the troop will help pay for the chaperones, if other adults can attend and payment details.

Use these money saving tips towards upcoming You & Me trips!

St. Louis, MO and Door County, WI

Read Blog 1 in our series: Fund Your Travels: Money-Earning Tips for Funding Girl Scout Trips

Read Blog 2 in our series: Fund Your Travels: Planning Tips for Funding Your Girl Scout Trips

Fund Your Travels: Planning Tips for Funding Your Girl Scout Trips

A blog series to help girls, parents, and leaders learn ways to fund your Girl Scout travels!

Are you ready to travel the globe and see what the world has to offer? Maybe you’re interested in joining a Girl Scouts Destinations trip or a Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) council-sponsored trip such as our upcoming You-and-Me Trips to St. Louis, MO, or Door County, WI!

Whatever your future Girl Scout travels may be, you’re going to need some money, and now is the perfect time to start planning and earning!

Make a Plan!

Start planning for your adventure 6-18 months prior to the trip; the more money you need, the further out you should plan.  It’s important that you have a clear plan and purpose for your money-earning activities. These activities should be as girl-led as possible.  

1. Set goals for money-earning activities. What do you hope to accomplish through this activity? In addition to earning money, what skills do you hope to build? What leadership opportunities will be offered to you? 

2. Create a budget. Use a budget worksheet that includes both expenses (the cost of supplies, admission to events, travel and so on) and available income (the group’s account balance and projected cookie/fall product & money-earning proceeds). 

3. Determine how much the group needs to earn. Subtract expenses from available income to determine how much money your group needs to earn based on your anticipated travel plans. 

4. Make a plan. You or your troop should brainstorm for program ideas and anticipated expenses and then make decisions about your financial plans. Will cookie and other product programs earn enough money to meet your goals? If not, which group money-earning activities might offset the difference in anticipated expenses and anticipated income? Will more than one group money-earning activity be necessary to achieve the group’s financial goals? In this planning stage, consider the value of any potential activity. Weigh feasibility, implementation and safety factors. 

5. Write it out. Once you have decided your goals and proposed activities, describe it in writing or perhaps create a chart. If the plan involves a group money-earning activity, fill out an application for approval and submit it along with the budget worksheet your group created. 

6. Review the plan and troop treasury information. This will help you see where you as you work towards meeting troop financial goals and helps parents understand the troop finances.

Rule of Thirds

One idea that’s been passed down from Girl Scout generation to the next is the Rule of Thirds. Take the final cost of the trip and separate into it thirds: girl pays 1/3 of the cost, troop pays 1/3 of the cost, and family pays 1/3 of the cost.  

Use these money saving tips towards upcoming You & Me trips!

St. Louis, MO and Door County, WI

Need money-earning event inspiration? Read our FIRST blog in our “Fund Your Travels” series!

Summer Resident Camp Registration is Now Open!

Summer Resident Camp Registration is Now Open!

Now is the time to register for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Summer Resident Camp!

Check out the Resident Camp Overview to see if these programs are right for you.

Our resident camps are offered at Camp Butternut Springs (Valparaiso, IN), Camp Juniper Knoll (East Troy, WI), and Camp Pokanoka (Ottawa, IL).

Register for Summer Resident Camp!

Here are some tips:

  • Some programs can fill quickly, so you’ll want to register early.
  • Be prepared with the program codes of your top choices. Not sure which programs you want yet? Read through our camp guide.
  • Curious about where campers sleep? The lodging type is listed with each resident camp program listing in our camp guide. Learn more about the different types of lodging at our camps!

Browse the Camp Guide »

Jump to Summer Camp Programs for… 

Daisies (entering grade 1 this fall) »

Brownies (entering grades 2-3 this fall) »

Juniors (entering grades 4 – 5 this fall) »

Cadettes (entering grades 6 – 8 this fall) »

Seniors (entering grades 9 – 10 this fall) »

Ambassadors (entering grades 11 – 12 this fall) »